How To Beat Bowser In Mario 64


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How To Beat Bowser In Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a classic game loved by many, and one of the most iconic moments in the game is the battle against Bowser. If you’re struggling to defeat Bowser in Mario 64, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to beat Bowser in all three levels of the game.

Bowser 1

The first encounter with Bowser takes place on the first floor of the castle. To defeat him, you have to grab him by the tail and spin him around before throwing him onto a bomb. This will require precise timing and control, but it’s the key to defeating Bowser and obtaining the big key that opens the door to the basement.

Bowser 2

In the second encounter, located in the basement through the door with the big star, the strategy remains the same. You’ll need to grab Bowser by the tail and throw him onto a bomb to secure the big key that opens the door straight in front of the castle entrance.

Bowser 3

The final showdown with Bowser takes place on the uppermost floor, and you must have 70 stars to access this level. This time, you’ll need to throw Bowser into three bombs to defeat him and rescue the Princess. The battle becomes more challenging as the floor falls, making it crucial to execute the strategy effectively to emerge victorious.

Normal Route (No Red Coins)

When taking the normal route to confront Bowser, you’ll need to navigate through the Dark World, avoiding obstacles and enemies while making your way to the final battle. This route requires precision and agility to reach Bowser’s lair and engage in the epic showdown.

Red Coin Route

For a more challenging path, you can opt to collect the eight red coins scattered throughout the level. This route involves additional detours and obstacles, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the journey towards Bowser.

Defeating Bowser

Once you confront Bowser, the key to defeating him lies in grabbing his tail, spinning him around, and throwing him into the strategically placed bombs around the arena. This requires precision, timing, and quick reflexes to ensure a successful outcome. After a series of well-executed throws, you’ll emerge victorious and claim your well-deserved rewards.


What if the 2nd method does not work?

If the second method of defeating Bowser does not work, try placing Mario against the right of the staircase and repeat the method. It may take some practice to master the technique.

Can you do the 2nd method on the Switch?

In the Shindou version, backwards long jumps are patched, so the second method may not work on the Switch. However, it is possible to execute this method in the Nintendo Switch online version.

Is there a hidden 1-up outside the battle arena?

Yes, outside the warp pipe where you enter the battle, there’s a hidden 1-up behind a pillar. Keep an eye out for it using the camera, especially if you’re running low on lives.

How can I obtain a secret star in the level?

If you’re aiming to collect a secret star, make sure to gather all eight red coins scattered throughout the level. This will unlock a secret star for you to claim.

What should I avoid during the battle with Bowser?

Avoid touching the bombs around the arena with Mario, as this can lead to falling off the side of the arena and potentially costing you the battle.

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