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Princess Daisy: A Closer Look

General Information

Princess Daisy is a well-known character in the Mario series, serving as the princess of Sarasaland. She is also recognized as the girlfriend of Luigi and is considered the second most prominent female character in the series. Daisy’s presence in the Mario universe has captivated the hearts of many fans, and her unique personality and style have contributed to her popularity.


Physical Appearance

Daisy is depicted as a young woman with distinct physical features. She is characterized by her shorter and stouter stature in comparison to Princess Peach, yet she stands taller than Luigi. Her appearance includes fair skin, big round light blue eyes with two eyelashes on each, a small nose, round cheeks, and thin eyebrows. Notably, she sports shoulder-length ginger hair with fringed bangs, short sideburns, and a flip. Daisy’s signature look also encompasses dark eyeliner and orange lips. It is interesting to note that her hair was previously long, extending past her waist, but has since been shortened, possibly to differentiate her from Princess Peach.


Daisy is often seen in her iconic floor-length two-layered yellow-orange gown with short sleeves featuring flower-shaped openings, a white flower-shaped collar, orange panniers, and orange frills. Complementing her gown, she wears short white gloves with petal-like openings, flower-shaped earrings, and a flower-shaped brooch adorned with six white petals and green gems. Her golden crown, embellished with a white four-petal flower in the front and back and a ruby on each side, completes her regal attire.

Alternative Outfits

In addition to her classic gown, Daisy has various alternative outfits tailored for different activities. For sports such as tennis and golf, she opts for a yellow miniskirt with orange accents, resembling the ruffles on her usual gown. For more athletic pursuits, Daisy’s standard sports outfit consists of a yellow tank top with her flower brooch, orange shorts, and tennis shoes with crew high socks. Notably, she also has specific attire for activities such as karting, Olympic events, soccer, and wintertime, showcasing her versatility and active lifestyle.


Daisy’s personality is a defining aspect of her character. Despite her royal status, she is portrayed as a tomboy, exhibiting traits such as being spunky, tough, sassy, feisty, loud, impulsive, cheerful, confident, and energetic. Her spirited nature is further emphasized by her short temper and assertiveness, particularly towards her adversaries. Daisy’s fondness for extreme sports and her inability to remain still underscore her active disposition. Additionally, she often showcases her hotheadedness in defeat, exuberance in victory, and determination to have things her way.

Voice and Quotes

Daisy is brought to life by the talented voice actress Giselle Fernandez. Her iconic catchphrases such as “Hi, I’m Daisy!” and “Yo!” have become synonymous with her character, further solidifying her presence in the Mario series.


Daisy’s character is enriched with intriguing trivia, adding depth to her persona and backstory. These details contribute to the overall allure of Princess Daisy and her significance within the Mario universe.


FAQs about Princess Daisy

1. How old is Daisy in the Mario series?

Daisy’s age is not explicitly stated in the Mario series. However, she is generally depicted as a young woman within the context of the games.

2. What are Princess Daisy’s main characteristics?

Princess Daisy is known for her tomboyish and spirited nature. She is often described as spunky, tough, sassy, feisty, and energetic, with a penchant for extreme sports.

3. Who is the voice behind Princess Daisy?

Princess Daisy is voiced by Giselle Fernandez, who brings her vibrant personality to life through her voice acting.

4. Does Princess Daisy have any alternative outfits?

Yes, Princess Daisy has a variety of alternative outfits tailored for different activities, including sports such as tennis, golf, karting, and Olympic events.

5. What are some of Princess Daisy’s iconic quotes?

Some of Princess Daisy’s memorable quotes include “Hi, I’m Daisy!”, “Yo!”, “Woohoo!”, “Aw man!”, “Oh no!”, and “Okay, not bad!”

6. What sets Princess Daisy apart from other characters in the Mario series?

Princess Daisy’s distinct personality, tomboyish nature, and active lifestyle set her apart from other characters in the Mario series, contributing to her unique appeal.

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