How Many Maps Are In Mario Party Superstars


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Mario Party Superstars: A Guide to the Maps

Yoshi’s Tropical Island
Yoshi’s Tropical Island is a 1-Star Difficulty board that features a pair of Yoshi-shaped islands filled with fruit. The star location on the left island swaps with the Bowser space on the right when a player lands on an Event Space, activating Cheep Chomp’s Trick. Players must pay a fee to Thwomp to travel between islands, and the fee is based on the price set by the last player. Passing the Koopa space on the left island rewards the player with 10 Coins, and passing Boo allows the player to steal coins from another player for free or a Star for 50 Coins. Warp blocks and Triple Dice are especially useful items to quickly travel between the islands to chase the star.

Space Land
Space Land is a 2-Star Difficulty board designed as a space station with paths radiating out from the center. The star may appear on any space marked with a small yellow dot on the map. Bowser’s Beam causes players to lose all of their coins, and a runaway spaceship will chase players back to an exit when they land on an Event Space. The Snifit Patrol can be paid 5 Coins to watch for speedsters, and they’ll chase players twice as long when someone lands on an Event Space.

Peach’s Birthday Cake
Peach’s Birthday Cake is a 3-Star Difficulty board featuring a double-layered cake topped with succulent strawberries. The star remains in the same spot at all times on this map, making Triple Dice the most valuable item. Players can plant “strawberries” on Event Spaces to steal coins from opponents or even steal a Star. Landing on the Event Space in the inner circle allows players to take a shortcut, and passing the Goomba presents a chance to force a route towards Bowser on the pudding.

Woody Woods
Woody Woods is a 4-Star Difficulty board set in a forest that causes anyone who enters to become lost. The star can appear at any of the spots marked by a yellow dot on the map, and there are signposts with arrows that dictate the direction players will go in when they reach a fork in the road. Monty Mole gives players a chance to change the direction of the signposts in exchange for coins every time they pass him.

Horror Land
Horror Land is a 5-Star Difficulty board where the day and night cycle largely affects how the map works. The star can appear at any of the spaces marked by the yellow dot on the map, and the day and night cycle changes every two turns. Players can pay coins to switch the cycle between day and night, and there are various Boos and obstacles that operate differently depending on the time of day.

How Many Maps Are In Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars features a total of five maps, each with its own unique challenges, star locations, and strategies. From the tropical setting of Yoshi’s Tropical Island to the space-themed Space Land, the birthday cake-themed Peach’s Birthday Cake, the mysterious Woody Woods, and the spooky Horror Land, players have a variety of maps to explore and conquer. Each map offers different levels of difficulty and requires players to adapt their strategies to secure stars and emerge victorious.

For Beginners
For beginners, Peach’s Birthday Cake provides a straightforward and less complex gameplay experience. With the star remaining in the same spot at all times, new players can focus on understanding the basic mechanics of the game without the added complexity of navigating changing star locations. This makes it an ideal starting point for those who are new to the Mario Party series or board games in general.

For Experienced Players
On the other hand, experienced players may find the sprawling map and strategic options of Horror Land more appealing. With the day and night cycle affecting gameplay and various obstacles and opportunities tied to specific times of day, Horror Land offers a deeper level of strategy and decision-making. Players who enjoy planning their board movement, utilizing items effectively, and relying on their own strategic prowess may find Horror Land to be the most engaging map.

In Conclusion
With five distinct maps to choose from, Mario Party Superstars offers a diverse and engaging gameplay experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a newcomer looking for a gentle introduction to the game or a seasoned player seeking a more complex and strategic challenge, each map provides its own set of unique features and obstacles to overcome. Understanding the nuances of each map and tailoring your approach accordingly will be key to achieving victory in Mario Party Superstars.


1. How many maps are available in Mario Party Superstars?
Mario Party Superstars features a total of five maps, each offering its own set of challenges and strategic opportunities for players to explore.

2. Are the maps in Mario Party Superstars unlocked from the start?
Yes, all of the maps in Mario Party Superstars are unlocked from the beginning, allowing players to choose their preferred map and dive into the gameplay right away.

3. Do the maps in Mario Party Superstars have different levels of difficulty?
Yes, the maps in Mario Party Superstars vary in difficulty, ranging from 1-Star Difficulty to 5-Star Difficulty, providing options for players of different skill levels.

4. Can players use items to navigate the maps in Mario Party Superstars?
Yes, items such as Warp Blocks, Triple Dice, Chomp Calls, and Golden Pipes can be used to navigate the maps in Mario Party Superstars, offering strategic advantages and opportunities to chase stars.

5. Are there specific strategies for each map in Mario Party Superstars?
Yes, each map in Mario Party Superstars presents unique challenges and opportunities, requiring players to adapt their strategies based on the map’s features, star locations, and obstacles. Understanding the intricacies of each map is essential for success in the game.

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